The Tuath De

The Tuatha De


Led by their king, Nuada, they fought the First Battle, in which they defeated and displaced the native Fir Bolg, who then inhabited the land. In the battle, Nuada lost an arm to their champion, Sreng. Since Nuada was no longer “unblemished”, he could not continue as king and was replaced by the half-Fomorian Bres, who turned out to be a tyrant. The physician Dian Cecht replaced Nuada’s arm with a working silver one and he was reinstated as king. However, Dian Cecht’s son Miach was dissatisfied with the replacement so he recited the spell, “ault fri halt dí, féith fri féth,” which caused flesh to grow over the silver prosthesis over the course of nine days and nights.
However, in a fit of jealous rage Dian Cecht slew his own son.

Because of Nuada’s restoration as leader, Bres complained to his family and his father, Elatha, who sent him to seek assistance from Balor, king of the Fomorians.

The Tuatha Dé Danann then fought the Second Battle against the Fomorians. Nuada was killed by the Fomorian king Balor’s poisonous eye, but Balor was killed himself by Lugh, the champion of the Tuatha Dé, who then took over as king.

The Tuath Dé now dwell in the Otherworld but interact with humans and the human world. Their traditional rivals are the Fomorians.

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The overwhelming majority of tintri worship the Tuatha De through their priests, the druids. The tintri believe the Tuatha De fought the Fir Bolg and Fomorians (ancestors of the modern giants) and forced them out of the Fascaldan region to create a home for their decedents. Most tintri consider the Tuatha De their ancestors, and many heroes and kings claim direct lineage from one of the Tuatha.

The Tuath De

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