Reference Material

Basic parchment page layout

<div style=“margin-left:10px; margin-right:10px;”>

Your shit goes here

((make sure you change the link
“” to the parent page of whatever you’re working on.))
<center><a href=“”><img src=“” height=“75” width=“75”></a>

Book page layout

Each line is 40px lower than the previous (where it says “top:60px” or “top:100px”
<div class=“book”>
<div style=“position:absolute;left:90px;top:60px;width:250px;”> <a href=“”>Player Races</a></div>
<div style=“position:absolute;left:90px;top:100px;width:250px;”> <a href=“”>Non Player Races</a></div>

A quote if you want one
<div style=“position:absolute;left:470px;top:170px;width:250px;”>Biology is the only science in which multiplication is the same thing as division. </div>

Change back button link if necessary
<a href=“”><img style=“position:absolute;left:560px;top:385px;” src=“” height=“75” width=“75”></a>

Reference Material

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