The Scrying

“Sir the corpse of the creature was raided at 11pm and our preliminary reports say that they had several magic wielder with them.” The Rook reported to Cardinal. adjusting his now seemingly to tight of uniform. most likely it was the nerves tugging at his collar more so than the uniform it self.

“so it seems some one wants to waylay the announcement tomorrow.” The Cardinal moving around the desk in his office at the base of castle Go-Glen. Sitting down in his plush chair appointed by rank.

“Yes it seem……” The Rook began to talk but was cut of immediately by the cardinal.

“was a rhetorical statement. leave us.” The cardinal turning to the head of the rooks who has been standing dutifully at the back of the room waiting to be acknowledged. “Who would be trying to stop us Bartlebee? just who. It matters not. the Plans have already been made, the words will just be different.” The Cardinal drinking wine he had just pored from the carafe on the table. looking over at Bartlebee Barnes who was not a Big man but well fit and held himself like a warrior whom has seen many battles. The Reds of the Rooks station looked like they belonged on him. His uniform much more elaborate than the officer who was just in the room. Although Bartlebee wore it with more comfort almost like a second skin.

“I do believe it was the small group from which the inquisitors had mention removed the rat scum from the sewers a few months ago. I believe these to be the perpetrators of some of the other areas of the city and may have been working in tandem with the beast it self.” Bartlebee’s strong jaw and swashbuckling goatee portraying no signs of deception. “Now the matter with them finding out the origin of the creature we believe is……” The words cut of with a wave of the cardinals hand.

“The words do not need to be spoken. I had the ‘key’ bent and thrown away long ago.” A sly grin breaks across the clean wine stained lips of the cardinal. “the real question is why the wizards have not putt up much of a fight when it comes to their allowances of magic being revoked yet again. They must be scheming something. Also I heard word that Rufus The Red has made it back from the Aresian lands and had been planning on taking on the Belstonec port? is there any merit behind this.?” Punctuating his last line with another solid drink from the chalice of wine sitting upon his desk.

“As for the wizard i do not know. Our man inside says they have been working on some sort of grand spell and have been very distracted as of late. He thinks he has been made by the wizards and has lost their trust. As for Rufus yes he was in the harbor at the Belstonec port. His armada of thieves were apprehended by one of the Go-Glen commanders of the guard, by the name of Irwin. Who was tipped off by one of your very own contacts in the city, the Icorse family. When your excellency gains power that he seeks they will be a good ally.” Bartlebee walking over to the window overlooking the downward slope to the ocean. with a slight sneer when he sees the plethora of ships in the harbor.

The cardinal getting up and joining Bartlebee by the window. “Your devotion to the cause will grant you the highest power as I can give when i am king. Go find out what is going on with the wizards. Find these interlopers who have changed my words at tomorrows announcement and make sure Rufus is not the one behind this. Lastly make sure I have Brakion in the crowd or near by encase i am attacked. I hear that the Half dragon from the college has been about. last thing i need is him getting in my way.” turning from Bartlebee and the window. "It becomes late and i have a princess to console please be gone with yourself. without a reply Bartlebee leaves the office of the Cardnial




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