height: 5ft 7 inches tall
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Long red hair, but usually kept up loosely.
Skin: Fair skinned with freckles. Doesn’t see the sun too often due to being in the library so often.
Build: thin
Primary Deity: Patron of the Water


Ahoy there! Toph here! Well, my real name is Tophenius Amatto Campeius, but my friends call me Toph. I mean who can really remember that mouthful right?? ….Anywhoos, Notice I said Ahoy? That’s because I’ve recently been reading up on pirates, because well, I almost just got abducted by one. Rufus the Red is what he’s called. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. Metaphorically speaking of course, cause we all know blood can’t actually boil. I mean it could but that would take some work and….ok I’m getting off subject. Blood boiling, he jumped down and swooped me off the ground like it was nothing and ran out the door with me in his arms…. those big…muscular….arms….Ahem, I mean, What a… jerk face! What would he want with me anyhow? I mean, he kissed me…. didn’t even ask! He just pulled me in close as he was whisking me away and….Totally doesn’t count by the way. Yeah, doesn’t even count. Ugh, what is up with this guy??

Ok, lets start from the beginning. Well I grew up along side Jeremiah and the Icourse family. My mother worked for his father, William Icourse, and I became friends with Jeremiah at a ripe young age. I would often join the adventures out to sea with them and loved the feeling of the salty spray on my face…err, from the ship that is. Gah get it together Toph! Sigh, well I would often sneak out at night and sit on the back of the ship and watch the phytoplankton glow as we went along. It was magical! Until one night a woman from the water came to talk to me. A mermaid! a beautiful one with long aquamarine hair. My mother had told me stories about them. I wasn’t sure about trusting her at first, but her charm soon won me over and I was telling her stories in no time. Stories that I had read, adventures that Jeremiah and I had been on, childish fantasies. After a while she had asked if she could hear more stories later, and of course I said yes, I mean, mermaid! She parted with a gift of a single mermaid tear drop caged in flowing metal. A charm to wear in return for my stories.

After that night I dedicated myself to learning more about all the lore of the world and delved into the realm of magic. I soon got a job at the Wizards college in the library and spent my long days reading about grand adventures and watching the wizards practice their magic. I wanted it. But me being a simple girl, I was not granted with the gift of magic. I decided to ask the mermaid about how to obtain it. I would talk to her sometimes at night and tell her my stories and she was always fascinated. Well, long story short, she bestowed upon me the magic of the fey. Using the charm she had given me I was able to cast spells and practice magic. It was just a bit different than the wizards, so I wasn’t allowed to practice where people could see me.

Skip forward a few years and I finally had my first adventure! And boy has it been an adventure. I’ve made friends with people I would never have thought possible, been in some amazing (and some of the most disgusting) places, covered in who knows what, and seen some amazing strength, and so many muscles! I think I could get used to this adventuring thing. Now if only people and creatures would stop trying to kill or abduct me that would be swell! Avast! I think it’s time to check out the perimeter again. There’s still a pirate in our midst! Until next time! Toph out!!



Ieros Mermaid