My Father's Rage

Also strange wizards

I felt closer to my father than ever before. But that’s just the ending to this crazy few days.

My wish worked. Jade came back to us, and her dog too.

We learned about some secret under-the-basement basement in Apollo’s temple, with some kind of magical shards or something.

We went back to Zayn’s bar and decided to play some music and make a little gold. Damn, we were good. We split our earnings and Zayn tried to take a cut. I figured if we made 4000 gold pieces then he must have made a killing on all the booze. I told him to get the fuck out cause he made a killing. We laughed, that greedy (scribble scribble)…

I was reading that book the Djinn gave me and I learned that my father was with the Aresians. We have to go there for one of those seeds Hecate needs. Hopefully I can convince the others that we need to go there sooner rather than later.

I fell asleep reading that book and when I woke up Zayn was talking to some wizard guy, but I can’t quite remember what about, I was tired. When we were all back in the library he was still there and he gave us all some kind of magical items. He also took two of the rings from the Yuan-Ti cart for some reason. For me he pulled out this giant, wicked looking chain. It was full of magic but I couldn’t possibly put Mother away when I’m spilling blood. I’m wondering though, if I could attach the chain to Mother. Wrap it around the handle and magically attach it somehow.  Unfortunately I think that only the dwarves could do such a thing. If our Dwarf is any indication, then they’re not all bad, just angry all the time and easily offended. I know they don’t like my kind though so it’ll be hard for me. Maybe I can convince Byn to ask them for me.

We asked if he could take us to the Yuan-Ti city, and without answering we were there. We were not ready for that and so we found a door that took us back to the library to try and get him to send us to secret basement instead. I was watching our backs when a finger touched me and poof I was in a little dark room.

We checked the place out a little and we entered the center room to find a crater and a creature whose form could pass through stone. This was our foe. It attacked Jade and ducked into the wall of a building. After seeing what it could do, I hoped to catch it on the inside of the building. I was able to find it inside but the building was a bit smaller than I thought. I could feel the Rage of my Father building in me, why does everything try to hurt Jade? She’s mine and I won’t let them take her away from me again. I took 2 swings at the stone creature but caught the roof of the building instead. I almost dropped Mother and then I let the rage out.
I saw my Father’s face just after Mother was struck down and I heard his scream of fury and agony and sadness, and then I felt it flow into me and through me. It was like a raging inferno that began in my heart, filled my entire body and then oozed out my skin. But my body was no longer the same, it had grown to the size of my Father’s. I crashed through the roof and tore through my armor, but I did not care for these things. The rage was all I had and it told me that this creature wanted to hurt Jade and I wouldn’t let that happen. I connected with a third swing, this time it had the strength of a Cloud Giant behind it, then I disappeared. I mean, I was still there but the Bard must have made me invisible, and I liked it. The creature fled to the other side of the building into the waiting claws of my new, and only, friends. I crashed through the wall and took 3 more great swings. With my third I pushed the rage into my arms and shoulders and put a mighty cleave into the creature. I thought for sure it was dead, but it still clung to the strings of life. A few seconds later though, my companions took it down.
Then there was a flash and 3 shards of light were in the ground where the creature stood. Byn, Zayn, and the Bard each got one, Echuo’s was a little longer (chuckle), but Zayn and Echuo seemed pained by them. I noticed I was totally naked and went to find my armor destroyed. That was not good at all. I went to check out the crater with Byn and Zayn. There were 3 chunks of what looked like obsidian partially buried in the crater we each grabbed one and they seemed to be obsidian hilts, seemingly for the light shards. I gave mine to the Bard.

When we got back to the library I went searching for that wizard, maybe he could put my armor back together, but he was nowhere to be found. My friends said that if anyone could fix it, the Rastifer would be the one. So I grabbed a curtain, fashioned a toga, and went in search of the man. A few strangers directed me to him and I entered his shop full of clothes and leathers. I saw a man who was quite old, but with such a reputation, they must have been years of perfecting his craft. I asked him if he could fix it, he said of course, and I asked there was a way to keep it from being destroyed again, and he looked at me a little puzzled but said he could indeed. Then he noticed the symbol of Hecate and asked me which of the gods it was, I told him it was Hecate then paid the man his 3000 gold price. Then something peculiar happened, his eyes turned white and he began working, like he was in some kind of trance.

I waited around for a bit until Zayn and Echuo showed up. They wanted to wrap the hilts of their new light swords with shadow leather. The Rastifer told them to come back when it was their turn. I went back when he told me my armor would be ready and there it was. Like new, only a little better. This man was truly talented. I tipped him an additional 300 gold for such a fine job. And I immediately put it on. Fit like a glove. Perfect. Now we have to wait for the swords to be done, and I need to ask Byn about these Dwarves…



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