Good Burns Me... DEMON WIN!

Ehcuo’s personal journal #8

Well today started with a bang… Or was it a bite? Ben and I took a little trip out of town back down to my Mer Brethren and just our luck… SHARKS! About six of them. Luckily, I made quick friends with four of the toothy bastards… That didn’t really stop one of the other two from biting a couple chunks out of my side. I managed to shake free and promptly put some distance between them and I. By the time i made my way back to them, Ben had gutted the oversized guppies. Man I love to hate that guy.

Once we were done with that little roadblock, Ben wrangled a couple of the friendlier sharks and we made our way to Poseidons underwater Temple. I didn’t really WANT to return to this particular Gods ego stroking worship warehouse, but apparently when I animated his statue, and had it aid us in killing his dragon, it rubbed him the wrong way. Can you say sensitive?! Anyway, we made our way to his shrine, killed a couple sharks in his name and gave a little blood to appease his bruised, easily diminished, self-worth. I don’t personally get the big deal with this silly frat of immortals, but I do understand that when you are going to need to take a long boat ride over the ocean, you don’t want to shit in a gods bathtub just before leaving port.

So that’s that, Poseidon should be content. On to the next hassle. This part I’m not going to try and explain too much because its too weird… random… randomly weird.. Ben and I made our way back up out of the sea and into the Library. When we stepped in, there was an odd blue man reading our books. He seemed very dis interested in everyone. He gave us all a gift from his bag, every time he looked in, he chuckled a little bit, then handed something out. I’m not sure why.. it didn’t even seem like HE knew why… Or cared.. or even noticed. It was like he was blindly shooshing his children so that he could continue reading his stories. I’m not going to complain, I got a sweet rod.. We asked if he could take us to the Yaun-ti city, then we were their, in the middle of it.. We scurried back into the library and told him that we were just asking.. and that we had business in the sub basement of the Apollo temple… then we were their. I will never look at the color blue in the same way again.

Not sure if I have said anything about his.. But we started a Thieves guild In the underground tunnels of Go-Glen. One of our senior members informed us of some Blades of Light below the temple of Apollo… Naturally, we put that at the top of our list of things to do.

When we arrived it was dark and stunk like only a Gods dirty basement could. We all made our way to a central area and noticed a few building and a suspicious pit in the middle of the room.. My Demon senses were tingling. Although I didn’t really SEE Zayn, I figured he was scouting the area.. No one ever sees Zayn unless he deems you worthy or worth killing. All of the sudden a huge stone beast of a woman, (no, not the dwarfs mom), came threw a building as if it wasn’t there and was swinging her mighty hammer. She slammed Jade into the floor and then sank back into the building.

Treeb didn’t like seeing his beloved Tiefling Ranger treated in such a way.. He made haste to corner the beast inside the cramped dwelling. He took a few swings. I did what I could to aid him.. I gave him the gift of invisibility so that he could build up the strength to unleash his fury… and furious it was. All of the sudden, the HALF giant was ALL giant.. A little more naked that i would have liked to see, but wroth what came next. The beast of Apollo didn’t seem to want any part of this frothing giant, he retreated back through the wall to finish off the less imposing Jade.. little did it know that Jade had back up and a frothing dwarf had taken her place.. NO WHERE TO GO BITCH!!!! I know this overgrown pile of rubble was done so I did what only a good bard could do.. I PLAYED!! The jam session continued for a slew of attacks… At one point the beast raised a wall cutting Jade and I off from the battle.. soon after that we notices a bright explosion of light and then it was done.


I made my way around the buildings and saw three glowing swords in the pit in the center of the room… I quickly snatched up the long sword. It burned with the wrath of a god. Some would loathe the burn of a holy blade.. but when you are a Tiefling trying to become a full blooded evil demon hell spawn, the burn of holy blade is nothing but confirmation that you are doin it RIGHT! It burned SO good! Happy as I was, I quickly stashed the blade in my bag so as not to die of holy bullshit.

Now it is time for rest. I have dropped the hilt off and paid a local tailor to craft a protective hilt wrapping for my newfound Holy Sword. It will take some time. I will pass the next couple of weeks with rest. I have met a Dwarf that is as intimidating as I am Charming.. I think it is time for me to lean this skill of intimidation, and he has agreed to teach me. What good is being a Demon if you cant scare the shit out lesser beings?



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