Character Insight: Ehcuo D'Yreggab

Why Is Ehcuo The Way He Is?

Ehcuo is one of the easiest and hardest player characters I have ever created. He is very easy to write and roll play in the moment simply because he is definitely a direct extension of my own personality, feelings and thoughts. What makes him hard to play is that the “extension” he is, is that of him being my jerk reaction.

In real life, when I have an initial reaction to something.. It is internal. I have time to evaluate the situation, see other points of view, asses if I am over or under reacting and decide a point of action. Ehcuo on the other hand, doesn’t do any of that. If something happens in game that initially makes ME mad, Ehcuo is mad.. end of story. It is canon. If my jerk reaction is to talk shit and be a douche… Ehcuo does it, no assessing, no discussion..


Now, this makes Ehcuo one of the hardest characters to play because in real life, I have very specific mental… baggage. My jerk reactions to most confrontations, misunderstandings and inconveniences are defensive, crude, self centered and sometimes aggressive. It’s easy for me to overreact. It’s my conscience and my ability to internalize a situation before I react that makes me a productive member of society… Ehcuo doesn’t have that. He is the extension of the worst parts of my real life personality. Needless to say, he’s angry a lot.. He can be abrasive and he is very quick to tell people to eat a dick. Due to this personality trait, it is hard for him to have close relationships and to trust people. It is also hard for people to like him or be on his side. Which makes a game that revolves around teamwork a challenge. It is worth it because for me it makes the story more immersive and personal. Although it can create conflict in and out of game, in the long run, I think it makes the story better.


It’s not gay if you use hot sauce

Character Insight: Ehcuo D'Yreggab

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