To the gods of Olympus!
He has built many temples
and dedicated them to you…
…great Zeus, father of the gods.
A hundred good deeds cannot atone
for one murder.
A thousand temples or statues or
sanctuaries, whether dedicated to me…
…or to you, Hera, my wife…
…or to Thetis, lovely goddess
of the sea.
Or to you, Athena,
ever wise and full of care.
Or to Aphrodite, goddess of love.
Nothing can wipe out or forgive…
…this one contemptible act of blood!
…I command you to raise
the wind and the sea.

The gods of Olympus are mysterious,
and their motives are erratic.
My advice to you:
Return to the calm


A D&D game set in the (sort of) bronze age. Greek mythology rings true. In a diverse world with a lot of history built by the story tellers but mainly the players of our games. A fantasy setting dark and light. We promote outside of the box thinking and if your mind wants to try, the story will try to find a way. Or you may die trying, that is why it is called an adventure.

Special thanks to the creators of the Tyellador campaign, who’s tutorials and parchments provided me the building blocks I needed to customize my own.


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