I'm Home
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #12

When people say, “GO TO HELL”, I don’t think that they take into consideration that there is a very good possibility some may take them up on that suggestion.


After the fight with the Wizard in the tower, Zayn and I made haste to his body. I came their for his horns, and I was going to get them. I know my sister is greedy, and the Dwarf is predictably unpredictable… I did not want to take a chance of either of them getting their grubby mitts on my property.

I knew the horns were powerful, but I was not quite sure whet kind of power they possessed or how they would effect me. Luckily, it was ALL for the better. My journey to becoming a full Demon has come to fruition. I am Ehcuo, The Fiend!

Although I am more Demon than Man, my quest is not fully complete. I wish to hold the mantle of Devil Lord, and I will not stop my consumption of power until that title is mine.

After my transformation before the eyes of my adventuring party, I looked to the Wizards portal. Something about it seemed so… welcoming. I had heard stories about Dis from Bel-fir, and read extensively about my rightful kingdom in my book.. but to see it with my own eyes was something worth dying for. I looked back to my… companions… and could tell they did not share my awe.

The fact is, these so called companions of mine NEVER really cared about me or supported my path.. this made the decision to leave a fairly easy one. My sister turned her back on her bloodline the day she met the Rangers.. her adopted and more adored family. The Dwarf.. HA, he is a worthless mule. Only good for carrying the load and taking the beatings that the better Men… and DEMONS, do not wish to burden themselves with. Treeb.. I like Treeb. He is a simple giant. He likes to drink and kill. Yeah, he’s a little weird.. talks to his axe, and he wants to fuck my sister.. but thats no skin off my back. No, we never became close, but at least he wasn’t a constant thorn in my side like the Dwarf and Jade. And that leaves Zayn. There is so much yet so little to say about my shadowy Duke. I would not say he was my friend, or my even my ally… but we had a common goal. To be the the rulers of our future. He saw some worth in me.. this is evident as my throat remains uncut. And i saw worth in him. One day I will be a Lord in Hell, and his spot as Duke remains his for the taking. But for now, our paths must part.

So there you have it. A sister that is no longer my sister, a Dwarf that served no purpose in life other than to annoy me, a Giant that, although funny and useful in a fight, thought too much of drinking and impregnating my sister and not enough about a solid goal, and Zayn, a man of many talents and of great importance to where I am today, but also a man that would cut me down as soon as my usefulness shutters or as soon as my goals conflict with his.

Yes, some of them I do not hold in contempt, but this is not enough for me to stay. I had a chance to, as Bel-fir would put it, go home, and it grasped it. I took one last look at my former companions, and saw nothing.. felt nothing.. They were no longer family, no longer friends, no longer of use and no longer safe to be around. My journey must continue alone and on a different plane.

So here I am, In The Iron City of Dis. I am not sure where exactly I will end up, but I am certain that a conversation with Dispater is due. I will make my way through the city. My drive will not faultier, my goals WILL be achieved. One day I may return to the lesser plane of earth.. but when, I do not know, and I do not care.

I Am The Seven
Character Backstory


My parents were thieves. My grandparents were thieves. As far back as you wish to go, I come from a long lineage of thieves. Yet, I was raised in a happy home. Parents that loved their children, all seven of us. Parents that worked hard to provide. Brothers and sisters that played together and protected each other. Yes, my parents were Thieves.. but who says a thief can’t make an amazing mother or father. They taught us the family trade. They taught us respect and honor. We are far from saints, but we have morals. Most stories of this fashion end in tragedy, but not this one. My parents did not die in some horrible way. They are alive and well. They worked hard and retired to a far off land where non of their…. adventures, could come back to seek repentance. The only pain their departure caused was that they are in a place that is unreachable unless you wish to stay. It is a haven with only an entrance… So no, we do not communicate. But they earned their place, and I am happy they will spend their last fruitful years at peace.

After our parents left, my siblings and I still worked as a unit and worked well we did. The 7, as we were known, stole many treasures, and thwarted many officers of the law. Our network of contacts grew and our legend had a solid foundation. We made many friend in and out of the trade. Although we did not seek fame, it has a way of catching up with great achievements. No, we as individuals were not well known, and our faces could not be picked from a crowd. But our exploits were undeniable. When The 7 were involved, it was obvious. We never shied away from a lucrative score, no matter how unattainable it seemed. But all good can end. There is always the chance of a bad job.. of a minute detail being missed. Apparently whatever minute detail we missed on the heist of a Royal caravan just outside Belstonec was a crucial one. I still can’t put my finger on what we missed, but it ended with all seven of us in a box.. and that is where the rest of my life begins.

It has been five years since I emerged from the box. I was the seventh one out and the only one not put to death. Although it sad that 6 of The 7 are gone, I do not regret our life’s discussions. I do not place the title of tragedy on theirs deaths. We all loved the profession we chose and we all knew the risks. When they were slain, they held their heads high and knew their lives had purpose. And knew, in some way, their deaths would also have purpose.

Many say I should be dead, many say luck freed me from my shackles. I say fate brought me to this city. I say I was meant to endure this struggle. When we were captured, I was not afraid for myself. Whether it be the Gods, dumb luck, or my undeniable cunning, I always manage to make it through whatever challenge was put before me.. and I knew this would be no different. I am not boasting, and I would never claim that my path was carved on my own. Only a fool carries the weight of this harsh world alone. Although my family is gone, the legacy we built remains. I have many friends, partners, and like minded acquaintances that shaped who I am, and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful to Seph Syphs, the man who freed me from my one of my greatest hardships, slavery under the hands of the Yuan-ti. I have even found thanks in being imprisoned. If not for the Slavers, I would not have met Seph… Although I have been free for 2 years now, I still have not figured out a way to properly show him my gratitude. He says there is no need, but my honor requires it. My honor also requires me to not allow my siblings deaths to be in vain. There is purpose in my life, and i will give purpose to their deaths.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe our imprisonment and my siblings deaths we necessary for a greater purpose. Everything that has happened in my life has brought me to this point.. After two years, it is time for me to leave the City of Scales. Aside form my time as a slave, I have never been apart from The Seven. I must find out what I am made of as the soul survivor. The 7 WILL live on, in me. I am Seven, and it is time for me to act. One day I will put an end to the evil in this city. I do not hate the Yuan-ti, as Seph Syphs is proof that there is good and there is justice among their kind. I do not wish to conquer the existence of his people, I wish to free them of their stigma. The Yuan-ti are not born evil, they are not born slavers and murders.. they are just beings that have been overrun by an individual… a corrupt “God” that is in fact a blasphemous mistake… so I have heard. I do not know if my wealth of companions is bountiful enough to take down this mistake, but I have faith that we can at least open the wound that will one day end him. For now, I will focus on gathering my strength, and rediscovering the greatness that The 7 left behind. I will end the trade and sale of innocent beings in this city.. from their, only time will tell.

-The Conversation in the Sky-
-the dm-

Zeus: They no longer pay attention to the details i lay before them. i speak and they no longer listen

Hera: Unfortunate for them. if they cannot not see the gold freely given to them why should you let them buy it

Zeus: Fortune is ally to these few and brave. I will give them one last chance to head my creation.

Thetis: What a dangerous precedent. What if there more heroes like them? What if courage and imagination became everyday mortal qualities? What will become of us?

Zeus: We would no longer be needed. But, for the moment, there is sufficient cowardice, sloth and mendacity down there below us to last forever.


Jades journal entry

I cant believe he left me…. my brother, the one person who was supposed to be protecting me and staying by my side…left me. It was that book he got, that damned book! It changed him. We had just finished slaying the wizard when he and Zayn went over the edge to get the body. I knew those two could get back up to the top easily so I went to check out those other horns on the table. By the time I put a set into my bag I turned to see Ehcuo, floating in front of that portal with the horns on his head that the wizard had on. his body was changing, morphing. He didn’t even look like My brother anymore. He turned around and smiled at us. The most evil smile that put a pit in my stomach. Kicked Belfir through, and stepped into the portal. I screamed for him as I tried to reach him in time, but before I could get there I was shot by an energy and it knocked me to the ground. I got up and ran over to where the portal was, tears running down my face, praying that I could somehow get to him. But there was nothing. All I could do was sit there and weep. Everything I’ve ever truly cared for is gone. I feel nothing. My brother… my mother… my life….

Shortly after this happened Byn collapsed. I ran over to him but couldn’t figure out what happened. But at this point I just lost my brother, Zayn was nowhere to be found, and I wasn’t willing to lose another member. So I reminded him of a way to get him back through the mighty goddess Hecate. We scooped him up and all retreated back to the library. I went straight to my brothers room in hopes that he left something of his, a keepsake or something. But of course not, why would I think to be so lucky. I did find some pearls and was able to attempt to identify the horns. To no avail. Sitting there thinking of everything I just lost I put them on anyway, maybe these will help me get to where he is. Once I put them on I started changing,but not like I thought I would. Hooves replaced my awkward feet, and hair started growing….lots of it. What the shit is happening? I looked at my reflection and I had become something I only heard about in stories about the fey. I had become a Satyr.

But how could this be? What turned my brother so evil, has taken away all demon blood in me. I have no family, no bloodline, I am no longer Jade. I am pure. Is this what Hecate wishes of me?

A New Me
Jade's personal journal entry

Something has happened to me…something hard to explain…something that I’ve never felt before. We were making our way through the wizards tower, putting to shame all the evil creatures and traps lurking on every level, and at one point Byn had some sort of freak out. He ran in from another room straight toward my brother with that light sword of his. The blankness in his eyes and anger on his face confused me, and before I could jump in the way to protect Echuo, he stopped, and my brother dissapeared. Something was wrong. And the last thing I remember was feeling a sharp pain in my neck, and my vision went dark.

I awoke in the ground….again! “Did I die again?” I thought as i started digging. “oh God! Am I a zombie again??” “But I dont feel the same. I feel…..better.” Even as I scratched at the earth I felt no pain. Nothing hurt. I felt like I’ve never felt before. I felt stronger. I was met by Echuo and Zayn when I pulled myself out of my grave (which is getting really old…). And boy was I happy to see them. But before I could say anything there were giant arms squeezing me tighter than I’ve ever felt. Too tight…Shouldn’t this hurt? I hugged back, sorta relieved that I couldn’t feel my bones being crushed. But why do I feel this way? Why do I feel the urge to bite down on my giant friend right now? What am I? Whatever it is, I need more!

We joined back with the group and made our way through the rest of the tower, yet somehow I couldn’t seem to focus. I attempted to use my divine magic against the wizard, but just couldn’t make contact. All I could think about was how I could make myself even stronger. I have to find a way!


Ehcuo Passes Out Drunk While Writing In His Journal
Ehcou's Personal Journal #11

Our journey to the top of the Wizard’s tower was a treacherous one; not because of the monsters, or wizard, or villains a plenty; but because of the tower itself. Riddled with magic traps and trickery, we found ourselves face to face with explosions, magically imbued runes of fire and ice, collapsing floors, spikes from all sides, an invisible breeze that could cut like a masterwork Dwarven straight razor, and even doors that seemed to come alive with thorny vines that could swallow a manhole man whole. {as amusing as that image is…} This place was hell on earth…. and not the good hell!

The first floor was misleadingly easy, with it’s almost obvious illusions, and the construct that was larger than he was menacing. The real fun started on the upper levels… It seemed almost every turn was a trap. Zane {Zayn} did an amazing amount of scouting which I feel is what kept the party alive… But he’s only human/jinn/vampire/tiefling, he’s bound to miss a trap or two. First one that comes to mind was when Zane {Zayn} hastily opened a door {because it wasn’t worth wasting the resources to break the trap that he actually HAD found. He just knew full well it wouldn’t hurt him. People need to learn to dodge better} and I was instantly on fire and freezing at the same time… That was unpleasant. {sucker!}

Luckily we {Zayn was paying attention and} figured out that the doors which were covered with carvings of vines were actually enchanted with magical man eating hell vines before anyone fell victim. {You’re welcome.} Distractions of corpses, and when we ran out of those, just the tremendous strength of our giant friend seemed to evade the obnoxious plants quite well. As if magical fire, ice, and foliage wasn’t enough… There were even traps as mundane as exploding barrels. I, luckily, was able to jump through the door just as the explosion went off… Kale was not so lucky. On the plus side, we were all able to enjoy the smell of fresh barbecue for the rest of our journey through the tower.

After we escaped the second floor, which was nothing but a maze of traps, we found ourselves in a more up-kept and luxurious floor of the tower. We noticed a room that seemed to be some sort of blood portal or message sending area, specifically designed for contacting my realm; the realm of the all mighty Demons! I made note of this location. {We all saw you drooling. “Made note of it.” My ass.} We made our way down a short hallway {grand hall lined with priceless busts of numerous famous people throughout history} and into a room that had a narrow staircase leading up. As we inspected this room, Ben decided to stay back to admire the stone work that lined the previous hallway… {Had I not JUST finished saying we shouldn’t leave that room unexplored? Because leaving enemies behind you is such a great idea… And no, no one cares that your damned homunculus thought it was “scary.”}

Just moments later, from out of nowhere, {technically it was from out of the hall with the statues} Ben come rushing into the room in a mindless rage! Given, the Dwarf is pretty much always mindless, but in this instance, his, mind numbingly, brainless rage was directed at me! {I don’t think that’s all that uncommon, you know.} Now I’m not sure why, but just as he reaches me, holy sword of Apollo’s Light drawn, he stops and turns his back to me. I don’t wait to ask questions… I just vanish and hide. One day the Dwarf and I may {will} have our battle, but raging with a weapon specifically meant to kill my kind, lol yeah, today is not that day. What I saw next explained a lot… A MOTHERFUCKING VAMPIRE! {I would think those wouldn’t be all that surprising anymore. Not like you go around shouting “A MOTHER SUCKING HUMAN!” every time someone walks around the corner…} The bloodsucker {that’s racist} appeared out of nowhere and latched onto Jade! That explained Ben’s mindless rushing for my head, he was charmed! {Or he just used that as an excuse to do what he’s been wanting to do for months… Plausible deniability. amIright?} Don’t get me wrong, I assume he would kill me if given the chance, but most likely not in front of everyone else in the group. Moments after it attacked, Ben, in all his rage, cut the Vampire into a fine red mist. {It was pretty impressive.} I guess rage is even more powerful than a vampires mind games. Although the monster was dead, the deed had been done, Jade was dead… For now. {Seriously, it’s as tired as Sam and Dean dying. No one even believes it anymore…. Hades needs to uninstall the revolving door…}

In all of the commotion I took my sister back to the blood portal and made good use of her demon blood. I slit her throat and drained her into the sending cauldron as I wished to speak with my people. I informed them of our relation to the great Dispater, and let them know that I would be the bringer of the next and final Demon rule here on on this world. Surprisingly, Dispater himself responded. He let me know that the frontal assault of the last invasion was a fool’s errand. That we must use the tact of an assassin this time around. {That’s ME!! Does that mean I’m your boss now?} He let me know that I am close, and that we will speak again soon. Unfortunately, he did not bring my sister back. Apparently her death had meaning and worth to the cause.

Luckily Zayn had more plans for my sister’s corpse. {Strictly platonic plans, I’m not a damned giant, by the gods. Quit looking at me that way.} As soon as my conversation with the demon world was concluded, a swarm of bats consumed all of Jade’s blood from the cauldron. I trust Zayn with my life, {FOOLISH… semi… MORTAL!!! Bwahahah!} so when he told me that HE would take care of Jade’s body, I didn’t question him. {Damn right you don’t question me!}

As he had instructed, I convinced the rest of the party that we must leave the tower to rest and regroup, and that we would finish our journey the next day. After a bit of research, Zayn and I made haste to the magic shop as our clever assassin friend had big plans of his own; he wanted to own property in the Yuan-ti city.. And what better property to own than the very Tower we were currently plundering! The curiosity shop owner, who also owned the wizard tower, was a very interesting, red and black, very large Yuan-ti.. I felt as if his aura was working to dampen our skills in persuasion… But I am the Great Ehcuo!! King of charisma and all mighty ruler in the arts of haggling… I hardly even spoke during the negotiations but my sheer presents {presence} brought the price down ten fold! {He’s only mildly exaggerating here. And I very rarely exercise the art of sarcasm.} After the bargain was struck, Zane {Zayn} and I made our way back to his newly purchased tower, and proceeded to bury Jade. {Again.} At one point the giant, obviously mourning of Jade’s death, showed up and just sat on the stairs and sulked. He did not have to sulk for long. Just as the moon hit it’s peak, a hand clawed it’s way out of the ground. She was digging her way out of her grave…. AGAIN! Stubborn in life, but more so in death, she will not stay down! She is lucky Zayn turned her, because if she wasn’t already dead, the overjoyed hug from the giant would have killed her. The rest of our ragtag group showed up soon after and we continued our climb through the tower.

Once through the room where Jade died, we climbed the stairs… Suddenly Zayn, and then Jade, disappeared through the mist at the top of the stairs! {We all stopped and sat around for a quarter of an hour doing nothing, not bothering to put the least effort into finding our missing “friends,” and} about fifteen minutes later, Zayn and Jade were behind us… we realized the stairs literally went nowhere after the dwarf climbed to the top and grumbled something about a wall. {It was a magical trap that whisked people to the roof of the tower and booted them off the edge. Nice view, I have to say….} We thoroughly searched the floor {walls} and were able to find a secret doorway to another floor… A very familiar area… The scene on this floor looked eerily like the small display on one of the side tables on the ground level.. Down to every detail. Then we saw it… The giant, ferocious, death bringing… House cat? Well shit, this was the side table display, and we were tiny. This was not going to be good… I was obviously our only hope! {by which he means lucky…} After the cat beat down a few unfortunate members of our little crew, I was able to get into position to… POLYMORPH!!! That big mean cat was now an itty bitty… giant snail. Lol cut lol fells. {No idea what he’s trying to say here} Still was the size of jade’s head, but not a towering cat, and no longer clawing faces… So win! Across the long table we saw a portal and made our way to it. Zane {Zayn} went through first, and everyone followed right after him.

When we made it to the other side, there he was, the wizard we had come for. We were no long in the tower, but on the stormy mountain top. The wizard was in the process of opening another portal across the way. Zane {Zayn} did not hesitate, his blade flew with the speed of lightning into the wizard’s side. Strangely, the wizard barely looked perturbed by the hilt of the blade jutting from his back. Before the wizard could react, Kale did something amazing. With a wave of her had the wizard dropped from his hovering communion with his portal, and he seemed to lose a lot of confidence… As if whatever magical assistance he was honing had been taken away. We attacked! First Zayn went in with his sword of light and his dagger; then then giant rushed in. Next Jade, she seemed to be trying to cast something, but nothing seem happened. The wizard tried to stab Zane {Seriously, it’s “Zayn.” How many times do I have to fix this?} with a fork but narrowly missed! He then pointed at {gave Ben the finger} and what a point {finger} it was. Ben was paralyzed!

I did what I could, throwing fireballs and inspiring my companions to not suck. I guess Kale liked the idea of fire as she also attempted to set the wizard ablaze. Jade again tried to cast something and yet again NOTHING happened.. The wizard decided that the giant would be a much easier target than Zane {Zayn} so he moved in and forked him good! Forked him so hard he vanished! This was bad… With Ben paralyzed, Jade practicing a new and entirely untrained form of combat, and Kale and I scorched and half dead, a giant would’ve come in handy. All of a sudden the wizard was gone! I know a thing or two about invisibility and I knew this was not good… Luckily, even though Jade had literally done nothing to him, her ranger’s instinct gave her a general idea of where he was… Equally fortunately, just as the dwarf found the will to break his paralysis, the giant appeared back into existence. Shit was about to get real!

The dwarf swung, Zane {Zayn… seriously… we’ve known each other for years…. } stabbed, Kale wielded fire and magic and Jade guided us all in the right direction! The wizard got off a couple futile blasts of some sort of dark energy, but his time was up! We were in full force and nothing was going to stop us. The wizard appeared just in time to fall. I’m not sure who got the killing blow, but of all the battles we have been in, this one was truly a team effort. Now, where are my god’s damned Horns of the Acolyte?!?!

All events herein have been faithfully and honestly recorded and/or fixed to represent the Most Noble Truth as sworn by the Just and Virtuous Zayn

Off To See The Wizard... To Cut His Fucking Throat.
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #10

I have a quick second to rest so I thought I would get in an entry. We finally set out to Belstonec, The City of Scales! My book has told me that a Wizards Tower is where I might find the Horns of Intellect, just another piece of the puzzle so that I may take my place as a Demon Lord of the Second!


Once we arrived, we snuck over the wall after nightfall. Not that we would have been shunned at the gates, but dealing with Yuan-ti guards is never a pleasant experience.

Zayn led us to a contact he had in the city… When we reached her house, no one was home, so we let ourselves in. It had been a long journey so I made straight for the wine cellar, and then to the bath. I’m not sure how long I slept, but when I was so rudely awakened by a loud noise, I was definitely pruned to satisfaction. I made my way down the stairs in my still drunken stupor and was surprised to see a small, angry looking woman, accompanied by a large, angry looking man. His hat was familiar… and so was the twang of his bow. As the Dwarf was the only one being pelted with arrows, I didn’t mind much. Zayn seemed to know the angry woman and didn’t seem to be too worried about the man. Next thing I know, Lady Cakes, (i think her name is Kale… Or is it Broccoli? No no, its Kayle, I just farted and the smell reminded me), is throwing me out.. I asked if I could get my clothes but she must have been menstruating because I wound up taking a blanket off her couch as went outside. Zayn tossed my my things out the upstairs window a few minuets later… After everything was cleared up between Zayn and his inhospitable contact, I was allowed back inside and we made our preparations for our attack on the Belstonec Wizards Tower!

Apparently the tower is sort of a tourist attraction / adventurers challenge… Many parties have entered in hopes of stealing its riches, but non have ever been seen again. psh… amateurs!

When we reached the tower, we had a bit of difficulty getting through the front door.. Magic runes are always a bitch. But between Zayn and I, shit got handled. Next room was also tricky, I was starting to notice a theme.. I never saw it, but according my ever nagging sister, there was a huge pit in the middle of the room with an illusion covering it. I guess she serves a purpose once in a while.

After going around the imaginary pit, we came to a room with a giant statue, possibly of the wizard that owns this tower… Dwarf didn’t trust it, considering every room in this tower is meant to kill everyone, so he got close for a more thorough inspection. As he reached the statue, it suddenly came to life.. I’m not sure if it was panic or just good reflexes, but by the time the great construct was able to follow through with his attack, he was a pile of rubble on the floor. Now I’m not saying I did all the work.. honestly I didn’t lift a finger.. but I’m pretty sure just my presents calls for a win in any given situation. If this is an example of the “dangers” to come, we don’t have much to worry about. And that leaves us in the present.

We are going to keep pushing through this Circus Fun-House and make our way to the top. We WILL find the wizard and I WILL take the Horns of Intellect!

My Father's Rage
Also strange wizards

I felt closer to my father than ever before. But that’s just the ending to this crazy few days.

My wish worked. Jade came back to us, and her dog too.

We learned about some secret under-the-basement basement in Apollo’s temple, with some kind of magical shards or something.

We went back to Zayn’s bar and decided to play some music and make a little gold. Damn, we were good. We split our earnings and Zayn tried to take a cut. I figured if we made 4000 gold pieces then he must have made a killing on all the booze. I told him to get the fuck out cause he made a killing. We laughed, that greedy (scribble scribble)…

I was reading that book the Djinn gave me and I learned that my father was with the Aresians. We have to go there for one of those seeds Hecate needs. Hopefully I can convince the others that we need to go there sooner rather than later.

I fell asleep reading that book and when I woke up Zayn was talking to some wizard guy, but I can’t quite remember what about, I was tired. When we were all back in the library he was still there and he gave us all some kind of magical items. He also took two of the rings from the Yuan-Ti cart for some reason. For me he pulled out this giant, wicked looking chain. It was full of magic but I couldn’t possibly put Mother away when I’m spilling blood. I’m wondering though, if I could attach the chain to Mother. Wrap it around the handle and magically attach it somehow.  Unfortunately I think that only the dwarves could do such a thing. If our Dwarf is any indication, then they’re not all bad, just angry all the time and easily offended. I know they don’t like my kind though so it’ll be hard for me. Maybe I can convince Byn to ask them for me.

We asked if he could take us to the Yuan-Ti city, and without answering we were there. We were not ready for that and so we found a door that took us back to the library to try and get him to send us to secret basement instead. I was watching our backs when a finger touched me and poof I was in a little dark room.

We checked the place out a little and we entered the center room to find a crater and a creature whose form could pass through stone. This was our foe. It attacked Jade and ducked into the wall of a building. After seeing what it could do, I hoped to catch it on the inside of the building. I was able to find it inside but the building was a bit smaller than I thought. I could feel the Rage of my Father building in me, why does everything try to hurt Jade? She’s mine and I won’t let them take her away from me again. I took 2 swings at the stone creature but caught the roof of the building instead. I almost dropped Mother and then I let the rage out.
I saw my Father’s face just after Mother was struck down and I heard his scream of fury and agony and sadness, and then I felt it flow into me and through me. It was like a raging inferno that began in my heart, filled my entire body and then oozed out my skin. But my body was no longer the same, it had grown to the size of my Father’s. I crashed through the roof and tore through my armor, but I did not care for these things. The rage was all I had and it told me that this creature wanted to hurt Jade and I wouldn’t let that happen. I connected with a third swing, this time it had the strength of a Cloud Giant behind it, then I disappeared. I mean, I was still there but the Bard must have made me invisible, and I liked it. The creature fled to the other side of the building into the waiting claws of my new, and only, friends. I crashed through the wall and took 3 more great swings. With my third I pushed the rage into my arms and shoulders and put a mighty cleave into the creature. I thought for sure it was dead, but it still clung to the strings of life. A few seconds later though, my companions took it down.
Then there was a flash and 3 shards of light were in the ground where the creature stood. Byn, Zayn, and the Bard each got one, Echuo’s was a little longer (chuckle), but Zayn and Echuo seemed pained by them. I noticed I was totally naked and went to find my armor destroyed. That was not good at all. I went to check out the crater with Byn and Zayn. There were 3 chunks of what looked like obsidian partially buried in the crater we each grabbed one and they seemed to be obsidian hilts, seemingly for the light shards. I gave mine to the Bard.

When we got back to the library I went searching for that wizard, maybe he could put my armor back together, but he was nowhere to be found. My friends said that if anyone could fix it, the Rastifer would be the one. So I grabbed a curtain, fashioned a toga, and went in search of the man. A few strangers directed me to him and I entered his shop full of clothes and leathers. I saw a man who was quite old, but with such a reputation, they must have been years of perfecting his craft. I asked him if he could fix it, he said of course, and I asked there was a way to keep it from being destroyed again, and he looked at me a little puzzled but said he could indeed. Then he noticed the symbol of Hecate and asked me which of the gods it was, I told him it was Hecate then paid the man his 3000 gold price. Then something peculiar happened, his eyes turned white and he began working, like he was in some kind of trance.

I waited around for a bit until Zayn and Echuo showed up. They wanted to wrap the hilts of their new light swords with shadow leather. The Rastifer told them to come back when it was their turn. I went back when he told me my armor would be ready and there it was. Like new, only a little better. This man was truly talented. I tipped him an additional 300 gold for such a fine job. And I immediately put it on. Fit like a glove. Perfect. Now we have to wait for the swords to be done, and I need to ask Byn about these Dwarves…

Call to Dispater
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #9

I was reading my book and I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke, there was a pen in my hand, and this was the page I was turned to. I have no recollection of writing this… and it seems to be of events that have not yet happened. I think I may have some work to do.


Good Burns Me... DEMON WIN!
Ehcuo’s personal journal #8

Well today started with a bang… Or was it a bite? Ben and I took a little trip out of town back down to my Mer Brethren and just our luck… SHARKS! About six of them. Luckily, I made quick friends with four of the toothy bastards… That didn’t really stop one of the other two from biting a couple chunks out of my side. I managed to shake free and promptly put some distance between them and I. By the time i made my way back to them, Ben had gutted the oversized guppies. Man I love to hate that guy.

Once we were done with that little roadblock, Ben wrangled a couple of the friendlier sharks and we made our way to Poseidons underwater Temple. I didn’t really WANT to return to this particular Gods ego stroking worship warehouse, but apparently when I animated his statue, and had it aid us in killing his dragon, it rubbed him the wrong way. Can you say sensitive?! Anyway, we made our way to his shrine, killed a couple sharks in his name and gave a little blood to appease his bruised, easily diminished, self-worth. I don’t personally get the big deal with this silly frat of immortals, but I do understand that when you are going to need to take a long boat ride over the ocean, you don’t want to shit in a gods bathtub just before leaving port.

So that’s that, Poseidon should be content. On to the next hassle. This part I’m not going to try and explain too much because its too weird… random… randomly weird.. Ben and I made our way back up out of the sea and into the Library. When we stepped in, there was an odd blue man reading our books. He seemed very dis interested in everyone. He gave us all a gift from his bag, every time he looked in, he chuckled a little bit, then handed something out. I’m not sure why.. it didn’t even seem like HE knew why… Or cared.. or even noticed. It was like he was blindly shooshing his children so that he could continue reading his stories. I’m not going to complain, I got a sweet rod.. We asked if he could take us to the Yaun-ti city, then we were their, in the middle of it.. We scurried back into the library and told him that we were just asking.. and that we had business in the sub basement of the Apollo temple… then we were their. I will never look at the color blue in the same way again.

Not sure if I have said anything about his.. But we started a Thieves guild In the underground tunnels of Go-Glen. One of our senior members informed us of some Blades of Light below the temple of Apollo… Naturally, we put that at the top of our list of things to do.

When we arrived it was dark and stunk like only a Gods dirty basement could. We all made our way to a central area and noticed a few building and a suspicious pit in the middle of the room.. My Demon senses were tingling. Although I didn’t really SEE Zayn, I figured he was scouting the area.. No one ever sees Zayn unless he deems you worthy or worth killing. All of the sudden a huge stone beast of a woman, (no, not the dwarfs mom), came threw a building as if it wasn’t there and was swinging her mighty hammer. She slammed Jade into the floor and then sank back into the building.

Treeb didn’t like seeing his beloved Tiefling Ranger treated in such a way.. He made haste to corner the beast inside the cramped dwelling. He took a few swings. I did what I could to aid him.. I gave him the gift of invisibility so that he could build up the strength to unleash his fury… and furious it was. All of the sudden, the HALF giant was ALL giant.. A little more naked that i would have liked to see, but wroth what came next. The beast of Apollo didn’t seem to want any part of this frothing giant, he retreated back through the wall to finish off the less imposing Jade.. little did it know that Jade had back up and a frothing dwarf had taken her place.. NO WHERE TO GO BITCH!!!! I know this overgrown pile of rubble was done so I did what only a good bard could do.. I PLAYED!! The jam session continued for a slew of attacks… At one point the beast raised a wall cutting Jade and I off from the battle.. soon after that we notices a bright explosion of light and then it was done.


I made my way around the buildings and saw three glowing swords in the pit in the center of the room… I quickly snatched up the long sword. It burned with the wrath of a god. Some would loathe the burn of a holy blade.. but when you are a Tiefling trying to become a full blooded evil demon hell spawn, the burn of holy blade is nothing but confirmation that you are doin it RIGHT! It burned SO good! Happy as I was, I quickly stashed the blade in my bag so as not to die of holy bullshit.

Now it is time for rest. I have dropped the hilt off and paid a local tailor to craft a protective hilt wrapping for my newfound Holy Sword. It will take some time. I will pass the next couple of weeks with rest. I have met a Dwarf that is as intimidating as I am Charming.. I think it is time for me to lean this skill of intimidation, and he has agreed to teach me. What good is being a Demon if you cant scare the shit out lesser beings?


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