Meanwhile In a Different Part of the World
Wild magic its a thing

Fearghus a promising you lad from the Finnegan line was just that , a boy who had just come to man hood. Being a strong man and fit as a fiddle as uncle Tim had always said. was going to become another great warrior for his clan.

Not to long after his 18th year it was the Harvest celebration and it was not long since there was a battle victorious over the neighboring O’Brien clan. So There had been much to celebrate. Everyone in attendance drank their fill. Fearghus being the Man now and not the boy drank till fighting the ground had become his new battle. In his drunken stooper he wondered into the woods, to contemplate everything.

fearghuspath.jpgDrinking from the bottle he had taken with him, he lost track of time. The stars, the woods , the lights, The path. He stumbled onto a path. Following this path, there she was. The most Beautiful woman he had ever seen. Fearghus had heard tales of magical woman who could pull men from their boats and demons who could make you do things with the movement of their shapely forms. This woman was none of those. The only thing he could think was she must be one of the mystical Fey his pops always warned him about. She had been stuck in a near by bog. Dropping everything He jumped for her to save her, and honestly asking for nothing in return she fancied his good heart and drunken wit.

Fearghus spent the next 3 days in her company. She taught him of the ways of magic and how it courses through him and everything. They spent the whole time in the Irish drink and in the hearts of each other. Her people were returning or so he was lead and he awoke one day in the woods with the worst hang over he had ever had.

Back in town the people looked at him in fear and with worries told him he had been gone for about a year. He told his family and the people close to him of his story and the fey from the woods. They mocked hi and shunned him for running out on his duties.

fearghus3.jpgTo this day Fearghus wonders the lands hitting all the taverns and wondering different woods, for the drink is the only way he can recollect that magical time in the woods, It is also the only way he can call upon those magical talents that beautiful woman taught him.

In his most recent adventure Feargus had found himself awaking from his drunken escapades only to find himself a slave of some foreign race putting his people to work in mines. Searching for something who not what. Knowing hi only savior was that fact he did not look like any spell caster they have run across before. they had placed fearghus in general move heavy stuff part of the camp. If he could only get his hands on a drop of the cure he could cast spells once again and free as many of his brethren as he could. After a few days of unbearable sobriety Fearghus had come up with a plan. Get broken by the giant so they have to take him to the fixers.

The fixers where a cage of spiritual caster types near the captains tent. And with one solid thumb he was broken and sent fairly quick for Fearghus worked hard in the mine and was strong enough to move a mine cart by himself. A healer a soulless man follower of the god Odin set and healed his wounds. this was the first step into making an escape. During the next few days Fearghus took on many pains to make it back to the fixers shack. Turns out the medicine girl named Flea in the tent could changes shapes and so started the escape plans. Hiding they keys to their manacles and cages. as dog

As we tried to make our escape as always in Fearghus type luck he was instantly spotted and chased. The other slipped out the back. Making his way to Some of the other strongest warriors he had worked the mines with he tried to free them. Oh yes did i mention Flee had brought him his bottled courage and it made the magic flow through him yet again. With his newly bolstered abilities he tried to cast a defensive spell on himself so that he could protect himself more while he tried to free the prisoners. The time since he had used hi magic had been to long and his spell had to much raw power behind it. And fearghus Magic glowed brightly from him radiating a bright green light from his chest. Blinding everyone around him. Both a hindrance and a boon. After many awkward moments fumbling around a hill giant he managed to free about ten or twelve of the slaves. Noticing that the giant was upon them Feaghus sacrificed himself to give the slaves a moment to run. in doing so was batted across the camp with a single swing from the giants club.

The priest having found most of their items of travel weapons and armor helped fearghus with their spells of divine energy and brought him to his feet. The small band made a break for the woods.

It was over the next several days hiding in the woods this now small group had felt a need to go back and get revenge on their captures captain and save some of the men.
after a short recon from the druid Flea they group had found out that the men they had freed had been recaptured and staked to the ground. With some strategy and blind luck on their side. They manage to kill the captain and obtain his orders and the secret coded documents from his tent. The Brave druid cause a major distraction buy ripping the throats out of some of the guards as some Primal wolf. one larger than Fearghus had ever seen before. On the escape from the camp and some unfortunately bright spells from the clerics. who seem to be followers of war gods the group had arrived at the tentri slaves that had been freed before. With a valiant stand against the guards at and and the fact the camp was now in complete chaos the group managed to escape with the remaining 7 of the slaves.

The two Priest have a goal to meet the dwarves and with the agreement they help Fearghus free some of the slave and help get revenge. he would in turn help them. so they make their way to the dwarves…

A long the way the weather grew harsh and cold. The druid even at one point convinced some bear from the woods to lay down its life to save our large group of travelers im second guessing how powerful this young woman actually is. The nature magic she must wield has to be severely powerful to pull off such a feat.

in need of more warmth Fearghus and his companions found a camp abandoned with the remains of 4 or so adventures had come before. With out very much for thought and the cold nipping at everyone they hastily went for the blankets and cold. The Priest of Odin the soulless one was set upon by some sort of huge spider, After hastily drinking one of the bottles of fine wine Feaghus has absconded with from the captains tent he remember. This spider was a phase spider. Paralyzing and warping it its victim to its realm. After fighting them off and killing many of them , that is four by the way. we needed a way to get the soulless one back.. Fearghus drinking to the most access he could finishing two bottles or maybe three of wine came up with a brilliant and crazy idea. " i will channel as much magical energy as i can from all the different types of spell types and blast a whole through the planer wall to save our friend. With the Help of the winged priest and the nature druid. It was happening.

With a loud crack of thunder and a magical ripple through the world around us. We broke through the planes of existence and pulled our friend back to us. Little did we know he had found his own way back and just appeared behind us…Creating some sort of break in reality between the two points. The magical barriers he are upset and i fear for the worse. The magical back lash was severe. Turning Both Fearghus hands and feat to talon like claws and his entire torso to metal . know he only had about an hour to live the priest of oden and the winged priest of crafting said their individual prayers and with the last a bit of fey luck, a bottle of liqueur fell from the branches above. only to know him out for half of his remaining time on the world. waking up for the last few minutes of his life. he drank that bottle and said his farewells to the group proud to have given his life to save his new friends….

Argal Mel's Shop of wonders and I has horses
Fair warning for a fair Deal?



“yes yes. i Am Argal Mel collector of fine and wondrous things. Come to my shop yes yes. "

“Have i seen the men you seek, no, If i had i would tell you…..dont have to break Argal’s things to make points……YIzer you do not need to point , points at Argal to make your points clearer, Argal will just make your points dull and waist your time.”

“Oh those men. yes yes. they bought transport from me. and traveling grain for many days. "
“May i inquire of their nasty deeds? ….”

“They slaughtered the God Kings guards and many travelers on their way to town. They seemed an interesting bunch. And they are enemies of the kings you say…. Please sir guard you need not hurt the other customers I will answer anything you ask.”

“Yes I know the way”

“I would rather not if they are as dangerous as you say…ok ok yes yes. I will be a guide”

“I will hinder you every step of the way”
“I need to get my horses some hey”

Good or Evil
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #4


People say that I am Evil… I do not think I am Evil. I think the terms “Evil” and “Good” are completely relative to your audience. When the savages to the north invade and conquer a city to the south, are they evil? Maybe to the South they are evil, but to the North they are heros. When a lion kills a zebra, is the lion evil? From the prospective of the zebra, the lion may be evil. But to other lions, he is a champion and a leader. I strive to be a champion. I am not evil, I am a lion!

A Helping Hand, Slapped Away
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #3

I am a man of many skills. I have directed this skill set in a way to to strengthen and enhance those I consider my friends, my family. I studied the magic, I researched the gods, I had a plan to reunite my sister’s soul with her body… But I can only do so much. The problem with being one who enhances others, Is that it leaves me at a disadvantage in completing elaborate plans on my own. I can only facilitate the opportunity, and give the advantage, the one thing I can not do is help those who do not wish to be helped. I tried to rid my sister of the curse and was laughed at and ignored. I am at a loss, but I will move on. It is time to focus on other tasks, ones that will enhance my personal abilities. One day, I will be strong enough to see my plans through, with or without the help of others. I will enhance those I deem worthy, and I will rise above the weak and unprepared. For now, my sisters needs will have to wait. I tried to help her, it is time she learns to help herself. I will let her do the leg work for now.. She is stronger than she thinks and will find her own path to salvation.

We have continued our journey though the desert. We passed through the walled city of Koma Shief. It was fairly uneventful… well, uneventful for us. Only one guard had to die. We were able to procure two horses, an elephant, and provisions for over a week of desert travel. We spoke to the their oracle and received many answers… at a price. I still morn the loss of Lucy, my custom, hand made lute. Kill three dead cats… hmmmmmmm.

We are currently searching the deserts for the River of Air, which will lead us to the Valley of Kings. The oracle revealed that many of our questions will be answered in the Valley. The journey thus far has not been easy. Last night we encountered what looked like a Fomorian. The desert is an odd pace for such a beast, so we helped it on its way. It is now in a heap, half a days ride behind us. Between my sisters aim, Byn’s Dwarven rage, Zayn’s blue eyes, my undeniable charisma and the brute force of our elephant companion, that googlie eyed sand kicker didn’t stand a chance. At one point I think he was trying to stare me down… He was so ugly, it actually hurt.. But I just stared back and that weak minded half brain blinked first.


Hopefully we will find what we are looking for soon. We all have many things we wish to achieve, and I do not think trudging through this desert is at the top of anyone’s list.

A Day Of Study Pays Off
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #2

I was taking a look around one of the many wings of Zayn’s library and found some old text on curse removal. With this newfound knowledge and my humble, if not somewhat excessive sacrifice to Thanatos, I feel that our attempt to rid my sister her… undead… situation will pay off. The first step will be to find a fair amount of sentient beings to put to death in a dramatic yet personally entertaining way. Who says a sacrifice can’t be a party?


An Undead Sister. Also, I’m a Demon!
Ehcuo's Personal Journal #1

Well here we are, about a week after Jade’s death. Other than the unhealing wounds and the cravings for sentient meat, she seems pretty normal. She smells like a dead person, but she has always stunk, so that’s not a big deal. I do think having an undead on this journey will make things difficult, so it is high time that we bring her back to life. I have been reading my dark book a lot lately and I think I have found a way. Yes it will involve a sacrifice or two and yes they will most likely be painfully torturous.. But if that’s what it takes to sway Thanatos in our direction, it must be done.
On another note, I have been learning a lot about my heritage. It seems my grandmother was quite revered in the demon’s realm. With all of the new information I have come across in my book, I have decided to follow the path of my people. I must figure out a way to unlock my true potential. Grandmother did not make mistakes and nothing happened because of chance. My birth had purpose and I intend to figure out what that purpose is.

Missing costumes for the up coming Masquerade.

A note posted outside the castle on the messages and law pillar.

A robbery a robbery
I am The Rastifer. I have had four costumes stolen for this weeks festival of mask. There is a reward placed for the return of these costume. it will be significantly less after the Masquerade. I will be employing some Individuals to bring these thieves to justice, if these costumes are not returned.

Costumes : Skeleton female
……………Demon Male
……………Apollo Male
……………Minatuar Male

Please contact me at my shop for Bounty details.


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