ibn Sabah, ibn Imen, ibn Hissen, ibn Basir, the Undying, Lord of the Black Throne, Savior of the Princes of Wind, He Who Walks Unseen, the Reaper of Men, Master of Keys, Master of Shadows, Master of the Tower of Souls and Keeper of the Sacred Library


Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 12 stones
Hair: Black, Zayn keeps his head cleanly shaved to reveal his scalp tattoos, but keeps his beard trimmed to a heavy stubble.
Eyes: Intensely blue, his eyes glow with an internal energy during moments of extreme emotion, when channeling power, or when he is about to take a life.
Skin: Tanned olive skin
Build: Slender and lithe, Zayn moves with a preternatural grace, and is deceptively strong and resilient.
Primary Deity: Hecate.
Distinctive Traits: Tattoos cover most of Zayn’s body (including his head and face), and he has the symbol of Hecate branded on his right shoulder blade, though very few have ever seen these marks as he is rarely encountered without a deep hood, a shemagh, or both.


Zayn speaks very little of his past and the dangerous look in his eye is enough to quell most questions. Those who do ask get little more than “that was a long time ago,” or “I’m not from around here.” Those that press for more information frequently end up unable to ask anymore questions.

Given his exotic look, and penchant for slitting throats, most assume he’s on the run, hiding from some past deed. Those few who can actually call him friend… sort of… recently learned a bit of the truth however…



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