Princess Lina'apollis'reeves

Princess of Go-Glen


height:5 ft tall
Weight: roughly 5.3 stones
Hair: Black long usually braided hair
Build:young girl about 14
Primary Deity: Apollo

Shy due to some sort of skin condition. spends a lot of her time in the castle avoiding people by keeping to studies of anything she can find in a book.


Growing up in a castle as the kings only daughter is rough. Especially when you find a golden ring and it curses you to start growing scales. Luckily being the daughter of king reeves holds some perks. The King had made a deal with some sort of master of plagues to cure her condition. Some sort of man cursed by the gods to look like some sort of rat for his life. it only cost Reeves one item from the kingdoms coffer, of course the being just took the largest diamond he could find. The curse of scales has stopped and will continue no more. but the bit that has already turned will remain. About 105 of lady Lina’s body is covered in these greenish scales. Her left forearm and a small bit on her face. usually you can only see these detail when up close and in good light.linaclose_up.jpg

Lina has a budding interest in magic and has been showing signs of aptitude in the arts.

Princess Lina'apollis'reeves

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