Jade Daughter of Strife



height: 5ft
Weight: roughly 8 stones
Hair: Very long white/sliverish wavy hair. Ordained with braids and a decorated crown hiding her medium curled ram like horns.
Build:A small petite curvy toned figure
Primary Deity: Demeter and Hecate


The unhappy times didn’t last long. I was only 7 when my father disappeared, and i cant say I was sad. He was an abusive man, and the last thing I remember was trying to protect my mother. And then there was just blackness. When I awoke we were already gone, and about to say goodbye to mother. I’m not sure why she had to leave us, but brother said it was for our protection. After we found our home on the coast I started my training. The Rangers may have thought I was just a curious child, but I was determined to learn. I studied them, followed them, and learned the ways of an Archer. I may not have been the strongest, but my speed and accuracy could not be denied. After only 5 short years, I was the youngest of our clans hunting party. At only 12 years old, my bow was one of the deadliest in the region. Some of the men would challenge me, even try and hurt me, but although I was small, most were surprised that I was not easy to knock down. And before long, they gave up and left me to my training. My brother and I have come a long way since our birth into slavery. We had to separate form out mother because of the stigma of my people being evil. I will show the world a different side of the Tiefling. I will be good, I will be a hero, and one day I will be able to stop hiding and walk with my horns held high. I am not sure where we will end up, but I have a feeling it will start with adventure and end with glory.


Jade Daughter of Strife

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