Grime Grommleson

Dwarven Battle Rager / Masons para military


height: 4 ft 11 foot tall
Weight: roughly 17.8 stones
Hair: Dark and Light Blue Mohawk, And Bushy Beard With two Braids trailing even longer to about belly also Blue (unless it has been recently raining then its just some what blue)
Build: Extremely muscular Scars head to toe. Built as if he were made from tree trunks with veins
Primary Deity: unknown

Grime is a constant challenge with everything. Has strict dwarven beliefs of whats write and wrong and will die to uphold those morals. With a death wish growing bigger with every breath he is a great ally in battle if he is facing away from you and an even worse enemy if you have made it into his book of grudges.


Grime Grommleson

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