height:5 ft 10 inches tall
Weight: roughly 13 stones
Hair: short to mid length blond hair.
Build:strong fine built man muscular in upper body
Primary Deity:Hephaestus

Strait and to the point. upset if not disgruntled. holds very few things in high regard since the sacrifice of his wife to Poseidon many years ago. Mostly his focus is on the metals and smith skills he provides.


During a long duration of storms battering the coastline of Go-glen, many ships and homes were being destroyed. It was announced some one or something had angered the great go Poseidon. Many Horses, goats, bulls, and gold were all sacrificed. It was said that some one had kept or stolen away from the great god and treasure of the mortal realm he had come to hold in hi regard.poseidonstorm.jpg

A lottery was held among the people of go-glen and since the storm was so bad that no one could leave the city walls every one was entered. A pulling of stones. 4 people were to give themselves over to Poseidon to make appeasement for the wrong he felt was the city to blame.p01gvtlm.jpg

During the lottery Gidious’s daughter Serah age 15 at the time Drew the first Black stone. Gidious lost his mind trying to find a way to stop this. He pleaded and begged and preyed for a way out. His wife Jewel had decided to take the place of her daughter.

After the days of appeasement the storms waned and life became the beautiful coast Go-Glen is know for once again. The first day available for travel Serah left the city Blaming her father for her moms death. He hopes to this day she will come back or for some one to find her and pass on a massage of fatherly love. until then “Go Away”


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