Tintri Druid


height:5ft 7 inches tall
Weight: roughly 9 stones
Hair: Wild flaming red hair
Skin: pale white
Build: thin
Primary Deity: unknown



Most people call me Fli (pronounced Flee). At first sight you would never think of me as a law makers daughter. My childhood consisted of watching my father eagerly debate one thing after another, and trips to the woods with my mother. She taught me about the forest and the many creatures found there and showed me that it if you respect nature, it too will respect you. She always had this magical spark about her that glowed when she entered the forest, and sometimes I even swore the animals were talking back to her. I assume it was her wild spirit, and breathtaking beauty that drew my father to her and she admired his strength and and determination to help people.


As I grew I always felt distant from the rest of the town kids. My wild temper made it hard to get along with them. I spent most of my free time in the forest and bonding with the animals. Pretending to be whatever crossed my path. At times it seemed as though even the most wild of the animals took an interest in me. One being a tiny mouse which I named Luch. I carried him around in my pocket and he became my tiny sidekick on my grand adventures!

Although those adventures didn’t last long. When I was 15 our town was attacked by another race. They didn’t agree with our way of life and wanted our land. War was the only option. I was told my father tried to reason with them, but in the end his life was taken. My mother gave me a necklace that she always wore and told me to run as they were setting fire to our home. I ran for the forest, the closest thing that gave me comfort. As I looked back I saw my mother grabbed by the people, and at that moment I swear I saw some sort of divine energy coming from her hand, and she was gone.

I traveled to the nearest village in hopes of finding some sort of help, but being the only one of my family left, I was shunned and left for the streets. As the years passed I spent much of my time in the nearby forest, connecting with the animals. The more I spent with them, the more I felt as though I was part of them. I would often go back into town for food. Which I often found in the hands of the town drunk after he had passed out for the night. Although sometimes I swear he was still awake, but letting me take the food anyway. Fearghus he was called. Poor bloody boozer. I often followed him on his drunken escapes to the forest to watch him do his magic. A wonderful sight it was. Scary at times. Taking note of things he did, I decided to try my own hand in magic. By the time I was 18 I had learned how to concentrate enough to shape shift into animals I had observed and was able to conjure up spells with things I found.

I plan to leave this place soon. Expand my knowledge of magic and learn about different animal types. Find others like myself. Hopefully find out what happened to my mother. In the meantime I think I will find Fearghus and get a bit of food….


Ieros Mermaid