Ehcuo D'Yreggab

Lore Bard


I am a 5’ 11", 170lb Tiefling Bard. Bitches love my blue eyes and my silky dark brown hair. I am 29 years of age.. which means I’m young enough to fuck your day up, but still old enough to know how TO FUCK YOUR DAY UP! I am a legendary lute player, so keep an eye on your wenches panties, because if I’m around, they are most likely on the floor. When I’m not jamming skirts off with my lute, I’m adventuring and being generally awesome with my crew of assassins, murderers, and mad men…. and my stinking sister.. shes there too. So if you’re down to party and want to fuck shit up, come to Go-Glen, and look us up.


I was born during the great purge. My mother was also Tiefling, slave to a monster of a man. She should have died with the rest of our kind, but he kept her alive. Although it was not much of a life. She was more of a toy. She birthed two children to this man, my sister Jade, and I. Although I hated the man I knew as Groldon, he did have a few bits of wisdom. He taught me the art of music, and when I was old enough, he let me perform on the streets to earn extra coin. As I did not share many of the “revealing”, traits of my kind, I could pass as human with some well placed arm coverings. Things were going as best they could given the circumstances… until that day. I was 19, coming home from a day of street performing. When I walked through the door, I could feel something was off. Usually my sister, then 7 years old, would greet me at the door… but she was no where to be found. I heard a faint cry from the bedroom. When I opened the door, I saw Groldon ravaging my mother. Jade was in the corner, bloodied and unconscious. After that, I can’t quite say what happened. But when I came to, Groldon was dead. Torn to pieces, and from the looks of my demonic hands and bloodied clothing, I was to blame. We fled that night. My mother insisted that I take my sister and we separate. Unlike us, she could not so easily hide her heritage. And she did not want to draw any dangerous attention to us. She left me a small trinket to remember her. A ring, with a smooth, blood red gem. She did not tell me where it came from, only to keep it safe. That was the last time I saw my mother. Sometimes when I look at the ring, I feel I can see her, like I’m looking into her eyes. I swear it has blinked at me, although I have no proof. After our goodbyes, I took my sister to the coast and we were able to find an encampment that either didn’t know or didn’t care that we were of demon blood. Jade took a liking to the Rangers and spent every waking moment at their sides. I helped bring in what coin I could with my music and over the years became quite good with the Bardic arts. I keep my arms covered, and my sister has found my interesting ways to hid her horns. We have found peace, for now… but only time will tell what the future holds for us.

Ehcuo D'Yreggab

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