Priest of Ares


height:5 ft 9 inches tall
Weight: roughly 16 stones
Hair: Bald with a mid length strait beard. when he was young was short black hair strait and unkempt
Build:An older man built like he could punch through walls (some say he still can)
Primary Deity: Ares: and he will fight you about it

Brutus Use to be the head priest of Ares and head of the town guard. Every morning he takes wrestling challenges out in front of the Ares temple near the front gate of Go-Glen. He gave the Head of the Ares preisthood to a great warrior after a challange issue for the position. This youong wartrior bit off a chunk of brutus right ear in the fight. They both luaghed and Brutus stepped down from the posisition. Brutus now Seems to be going out on some more world changing events but spends a lot of his time with the cities great wizard Archmage Paraxas. When you First meet this man he is strait and forward and will come at any problem with a warriors outlook. and no he will not heal you. But if you show up with bruises and a good story you will always have his attention. he loves his stories and his fighting and stories about fighting.


As a young man Brutus was name Salmien. He was not a large man. But he was quick. Salmien lost his parent when he was about 9 old enough to be left on his own. His parent died in a small skirmish during the war between Go-glen and a neighboring kingdom. The fight lasted several day and destroyed most of the village he was being raised in. That was the first night he had also ever taken a mans life. Killing a man with the mans own helmet. it was on that night while killing the nameless man that he swore an unwavering oath to the god of war.

Later Joining the militia Salmien learned the art of sword and board. Gladius and shield. It was many battles after this he had become the best of his unit. Now often times forgoing the shield to lead the unit, And devoting a lot of his Extra time to the Arts of bestowing Ares magical abilities into his allies.brutusyoung.jpg

After mastering every weapon he could find Salmien started looking for new ways to challenge himself. He started not wearing his bracers then his helmet then armor in general showing his gods art on his body and then only wear Baggy training pants and long sandals.

On on drunken night around the campfire. before the next days long awaited battle. the challenges started coming , most were laughed off and some taken to heart. It was the over the top challenges of Salmiens elite shock troop that finally took Salmien to the edge. “One of these days good ol’ Sal here will just run without us with just his bare hand and kill their whole force HAHAHA” the men all broke into laughter. Salmien took it as a strait challenge putt in front of him by Ares himself. he almost felt the god poking him in the chest.Brutus1.jpg

At the lines of war men forming on both sides of the valley. The general started hi Rant about crossing the river Styx. Interruption Salmien Just started running across at the enemy in just his pants. no weapon at all. His untit know how things were about to go down wanted to join and were not far behind. They say that Salmien Killed more men that day in more ways than has ever been done before or as in as many ways since. the stories from that battle have given him his new name and the one he feels Ares gave him that day. “That Brute’his hands did this” “that Brute’his skills were” “That Brute’his Abilities are” forever since BRUTUS he has been known as, and only uses his hands but be sure sure he is probably just as goo with that fork on your dinner plate of the plate for that matter.


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