Ruthgar'Grole McGregor


Boggus.jpgI am Ruthgar. I am From the northern clan. I was on the hunt with some of my clan mates when we were captured and against our will forced to mine the rocks to the south. I was held captive and my strengths were tested. I was forced to break stone and break creature alike. I just held on to my rage.

On one dark night in the slaves camp the alarms had been raised and was also the first night i had seen the druid know as Flea to her clan mates. I was freed by a holy green light she sent toward our cage. Blinding the giants and guards our cage had been unlocked. The ten of us ran as fast as we could. To our dismay the alarm had been up to long and we did not make it far for a small division of soldiers caught us.boggus1.jpg We were then made examples of and staked through the the hands and feat. I was in and out lingering on the brink of death. On the third day blistered from the sun dehydrated and i started having visions of the end. The fall of our people. These horrific dreams kept me going. We lost 3 men by this point. Thats when i heard them. the small band that saved us. and she was there that druid.

boggus2.jpgThese people saved us but it was. the most amazing thing i had ever seen was about the 5th day into our travels. The air became colder and the weather was becoming worse. we ventured through the forest. I was watching this druid. the tintri woman. when she found a grizzly bear in the woods. she was speaking to it. almost as if she was having a conversation with this most noble beast. i listened closer and heard he ask for it to give its life to save all of ours. it made some growling noises and as if it were actually responding to her stood on its hind legs opening is abdomen to her. and it let her strike it down.. Later that evening we took the hid and turning it into some furs for warmth . That is when it happened. I am no longer Just Ruthgar, Grand warrior of the Mcgregor clan I am also Inhabitant of the Bear spirit Grole. I am now Ruthgar’Grole Mcgregor

Boggus3.jpgi havnt seen my people in a few seasons. A mighty warrior clan. But that will have to wait Ruthgar’Grole has business now following the Druid to repay her selflessness in saving my life. and then again for giving it purpose by melding me with the nature of Grole. I also think this is how i am going to prevent this great disaster i foresaw coming to my homeland.


Ruthgar'Grole McGregor

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