Some notes about Dying and Shields

A page of FIren's Personal Notes

Dying sucks. I am strong of mind but I can still feels myself being ripped apart. Luckily, I was dead before the Aboleth ate me, consumed me, digested me. The otherside is my worst nightmare. It was a line of people as far as I could see in both directions, just waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for what, I do not know. But something came for me, it seems my friends were not willing to let me die. Now it’s my responsibility to stay alive, breathing, fighting, learning. Besides, I still haven’t learned who cast that sun and how I can learn it. I need to protect myself until then.

I need thisshield.png
I’ve been watching the Druid Donnal, Big D, Double D, the Big Guy. He is quite deft with that shield. I’ve asked him to show me how to handle it. It’s a very interesting, and effective, way to keep the body safe. I’ve been noting my own frailty, my own softness, squishiness. I feel that I’m stronger than the average mage, I’m part fucking dragon, I can handle one of those things. Maybe more than one? I’ll need a bit more practice before I can cast spells with my hands full like that though. Hmm… I remember there was a shield somewhere that wielded itself (is 3 possible?)…



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