So I became a fish

New journal of skopelos

(Written in Olympian). I’m writing today on some tanned hide I found in the hold, I don’t think anyone will complain too much. I found that moving about on the ship has become a labor and can see that I leave a trail of scales where my torso drags. Things have not turned out well for myself on this voyage. First the captain , quartermaster, and cook turn on the ship; turns out they were in league with the fish men whose likeness I now share. How I miss my hooves. Then I was dragged into the ocean, which ruined my previous journal, I have decided that each journal henceforth will be made to be waterproof. I have ran out of wine with still 3 days left at sea, the last of it drained by the red headed woman who has decided to follow us, I’d like to get to know her better and share some of the Dionysian mysteries with her. Finally i have found myself changed into a merman through a most unexpected turn of events. Alas my beautiful body has been transformed into a completely new form, even as I write this I find it troubling to articulate my newly webbed fingers, and my voice no longer has the familiar tones that I had come to expect, it now sounds watery and cracks at unexpected times. I fear that my new voice will take time to get accustomed to. I have but three things to solace my mind; the first is that Dionysus has not abandoned me as he has shown me a mercy, though not the one I had expected or hoped for. The second is that this new body has opened me up to new experiences, I swim as though I was born under the water; which no longer feels cold, in fact I feel more at home there then I do upon the ship. Finally the third solace is that I may finally return to Belstonec, for I doubt that they shall recognize my new form, perhaps not even Ka-sssindriss would recognize me now. I find I still think of her and the time we spent together with much fondness. I shall continue to pray each day at morning, noon, and dusk to Dionysus, even if I don’t have the customary wine to drink. In the morning after my prayers and songs I will ask our beautiful wizard to atttempt to identify the necklace in hopes of uncovering a way to reverse the magicks upon me. May the party never end~ Skopelos, favored follower of Dionysus



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