Enemy or Ally


Here we are again a moment of decision our heroes. After performing the ritual of Roc (roke) where the spell casters in the group who have never participated in the rite did so at the hands of an elder water druid named Skorn. Sacrificing a part of their life force they could see into the inner workings of the geode of the inner Ril city. Between each finger they could see a light blue and very feint but there. Maybe due to the nature of our heroes mission to search for the seeds or above average deduction powers they have taken this to be a sign. Even our new companion and or tag a long of the group Sylvia has followed. Sylvia doing the ritual her ranger magic’s allowing her to qualify for the ritual of Roc.

After the Rite performed and the others taken and the life force sacrificed our adventures begin to leave just as Skorn ascertains from the group that they are now being hunted by the Emerald cult. A hidden almost myth like group from the island of Crosus. Skorn implores them to be quick for they are close. That the time they have on the island will only grow shorter.

The adventures start demanding answers from this mysterious but seemingly brutally honest ranger who has now followed them from on a long adventure. She drops an ultimatum “either I am an ally or and enemy you all can decide rite now for they are here.” Our heroes’ begrudgingly accept her and call her ally. In doing so she distracts one of the groups down below the giant hand like spire for our adventurers to escape the fight. Skorn taking on many other also helping .


Who is this Woman? What are her intentions? What about seeing Hermes come to the city of Go-Glen that gained her attention? It is said in the world sometimes the gods pay attention to those who are destined for great you should grasp on with both hands and enjoy any part of the story you can be apart of. Maybe she is seeking her part of the story. Maybe she just likes the druid.

Once again in Dire straits Sylvia meets up with the group injured and willing to help. The group finds themselves in a bit of a pickle. The sections of the wall looking like doors have stepped away and now are wielded by the stone beings animated from the wall behind them.



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