A day in crosus

2nd entry, new journal of Skopelos

( written in Olympian upon a wax treated scroll) Im writing from the inn called the blood pearl. Lief our resident Ryll has assured me we will not be harassed here, but I am weary after today’s events. In a few hours we will be heading off for the accurately named hand. There we will begin a ceremony that will hopefully bring us a step closer to our goal. I intend to be the one who undertakes this task, perhaps my current form will make WAVES for the crosus community. I don’t care what the others say, my puns are hilarious. I should recap what has happened since my last post; After two whole weeks without wine we finally arrived at Crosus, I was beginning to go stir crazy and I feel only my daily training sessions with Lief were holding me together, his rope work is coming along nicely and I think he’s ready to move up to actual chain. Upon arrival to the city I found I was not welcome under its beautiful dome. I was deeply dissapointed that this people renowned for their deep discussions on life and magic would be so closed minded about race, and curses for that matter. I was not even allowed into the pool of reflection, but more importantly the bar! And I heard from my companions it was a truly gifted performer who was to take the stage. I wasn’t even able to listen from the alley because I was attacked by an assassin of the order of the emerald eyes. He had a power like I had never seen, an ability that let him charm the minds of others much like my spells, but once he had preformed it, it was apparently permanent until his demise. He turned dear Rattigan against me, and once again I felt myself a hairs breath away from an untimely despise. Truly a tragedy should I fall before my grand duties to the beautiful Dionysus be completed. After the attempted assassination we made our way to the pools of reflection and I saw a most peculiar sight. It was the anointed prince of Bellstonec, flanked by lady Yiss and a yuanti I had not recognized, but clearly a noble of sorts. In fact I saw him attacking Sylvia in an alley way. He held no regard for bystanders as he turned one to stone. I still owed Sylvia for saving my life while at sea so I distracted him with a spell, I could only buy her a moment of time but I hope it was enough. Now I must wonder why a yuanti noble would risk such a public display of force, it is unlike them to do their own dirty work inside city walls other then Belstonec. Truly Sylvia must have been a dire threat to them, for her to warrant such aggression. I have more questions then answers, but I do not worry, surely if I am meant to know Dionysus will reveal a great epiphany of understanding. I left before the yuanti could turn his ire upon me as well and saw my friends exiting the pool. They greeted me with the most wonderful news, they may have found someone to change me back to my beautiful satyr form! Not only that but afterwards I was able to repair my scrolls, and most amazingly the memento from my darling. Why it still has her scent upon it. Soon we will meet with the man in question, and I can only thank Dionysus for his many blessings. May the party never end~ Skopelos, favored follower of Dionysus



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