A Belstonec Affair pt4

A tale from Skopelos' history

It wasn’t long after the departure of Sindra, that I attempted to sleep once more. The growling of my stomach hindering me at first but my tired eyes eventually gave way to a fitful sleep. It felt like I had just drifted into the embrace of Hypnos, not yet touched by his children in the form of dreams when I was startedly awoken. A deluge of ice cold water rushed over me and my eyes opened to darkness but my ears heard the dripping of water and the shrill amused hissing of snake tougnes. A voice called out to me in the words of go-glen " rise slave, itsss time for you to move" and I heard the creaking of the cell door swinging open. Before I could find my hooves I felt two strong scaly hands grip my shoulders and wrench me upwards. Then my wrists, still sore from the shackles I wore earlier were bound by thick course rope in which yanked me through the darkness. Twice I stumbled and each time I felt a volley of kicks to my stomach and that sinister chuckle of the yuanti. Soon though the darkness gave way to dim light which gradually grew as we progressed. Looking up at my current assailants I saw a yuanti half blood and pure blood, the half blood standing tall his face not quite that of a snakes but close, his legs bent in odd directions as tho they had far to many joints in them. The pure blood next to him had a crooked back in the shape of an S as he hunched over. The half blood held the rope and would frequently look back at me with a dark loathing. They led me out of the building through a narrow alley way, clearly old servant paths, past several decaying doors to the end of the hallway and a stone door. The pure blood knocked, waited putting his head to the door then let out a low hiss. The door opened in silence, the light from within casting a shiloettte of a figure within. The figure was a tall female pure blood with black hair done up in a bun and garbed in simple grey clothes with eyes to match. The yuanti half blood who had escorted me from the cell brought me before the grey female with a rough jerk. The female hissed audibly and then drew close, she placed a clawed hand on my cheek. I winced as she dragged her claw along my face, drawing blood with her razor like claws. Then she raised her claw to her mouth and tasted my blood. With a nod from the female my two escorts turned and walked away, the female leading me by the rope into the new building. The cut on my face stung as I looked around at this new building, it was illuminated in golden light, by sconces on the walls. There were tables and chairs all with straps across them. Around the room stood five pure blood females. In one of the chairs sat a humanoid with a beaked nose and hair that looked as though it was made of gas, the eyes of this humanoid were pitch white and its skin had strange protrusions that looked like small spikes. It must have been a child of hades. Around him three of the purebloods crowded, holding scissors and pieces of clothe. However I didn’t get to see what they were doing as I was dragged past into a room filled with steam and then thrown by the deceptively strong pure blood in grey, into a large bath of warm water. The female spoke in curt tone, a strong command of " wash yourself". Now I’m a lot of things, a lover, a fighter, a drinker and a party goer, but at that moment, chest deep in a bath clearly meant for some one larger then myself, I was an entertainer. So I sang as I scrubbed myself, I posed in the water before my grey clothed observer using the rope still tied around my wrist, and I did my absolute best to get a reaction. The older grey clothed yuanti however, was not amused. In fact I could see her eye beginning to twitch, some people are just incapable of enjoying a good show. Finally I got out of the bath and smiled at the yuanti " so what now?" I asked as coyly as I could. This set the female over the edge as she yanked hard on my binds and pulled me back into the previous room. By now the child of hades was gone and the five females looked in shock as the older grey yuanti stormed in with me in tow. As the veins seemed to bulge under her scale like skin she handed the rope to another female and let out a low hiss, then looked at me and spoke in a broken go-glenese " make sure to be extra rough with this one" then turned to storm out the room. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help myself as I spoke " good, I like it rough". The grey female shivered in visible anger and slammed the door she walked out of. The rest of the females grabbed me and slammed me onto a table, with expert hands they tied me down with the straps. Then they began tightening them as far as they would go. It would have been rather kinky had the next thing I had seen was one of them pick up a very large knife. The yuanti loomed over me and began hissing in unison, slowly walking around the table, they seemed to chant as they passed the knife amongst themselves and point at different parts of my body. I had no doubt they were selecting the choicest cuts of meat for their dark ritual. I tried to struggle but the straps held firm and I accomplished little more than a grunt. One of the females leaned over and I felt the knife press against my throats and in that moment I knew it was the end. My mind flashed the life I had lived, the times I had fought, the bars I had visited, the oregies I had been apart of, the copious amounts of wine I had drank, and I knew Dionysus would be proud. I lay there breathing heavy, waiting for it to end. The knife scraped across my neck, then scraped again, and another time. I opened my eyes, wondering why my life hadn’t come to the quick end I was expecting, perhaps my cruel tormentors were taking their time in order to prolong my suffering. But I looked with astonishment as the blade went down, scraped along my neck, and came up covered in my black beard. I couldn’t believe my eyes, they were shaving me! I lay there mouth agape as they continued their meticulous task. One would carefully trim my nails, while another began to trim my hair. Yet another began to polish my hooves, it had to be one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had, and I am a man who once had been turned into a Merfolk. When they had finished, one of them placed her hand on my forehead, and I felt a nauseating sensation run through me, but I also felt the cut on my face, and the sores around my wrists begin to heal. Then they unstrapped me from the table, and as a group led me into yet another new room



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