A Belstonec Affair pt2

A story of Skopelos' history

It was around noon of the fourth day that the destination of our captors came into sight. Belstonec, the city of scales, as I would later come to know it. Its’ red walls rising up in defiance of the green landscape that surrounded it, as we approached I couldn’t help but look to the grand arch that was the main gate and feel as though I was passing into the mouth of a large bloodstained beast. The sheer thickness of the outer wall was impressive, and just passing through them I could hardly believe that this was the city that had been wiped out in a single day. For by now it had become apparent who it was that had captured me. The tale of how the yuanti had come back en masse had spread through the land like a wildfire. The reigning theory was that powerful dark magics brought on by the yuanti’s god was what brought them back 20 years ago on the advent of Belstonec’s great defeat. However as I looked around I didn’t see any great magic at work, just city folk going about there buisness. But the longer I looked around the more subtle and not so subtle differences I noticed. The first was the snakes, everywhere I looked there were snakes. In the street, down the alley ways, up under the arches of the gates, on the verandas and even on many of the people. I would later find out that the snakes act like the eyes and ears of the city, always watching and all but impossible to hide from their sight. The next were the slaves, at first hard to notice but after awhile you began to notice the collars with unknown symbols on them, later if find out the symbols showed who they belonged to. Then there was the yuanti themselves, looking at us as we passed as a butcher inspects meat. Some had snake heads, others had snake for arms, I even saw one that had no legs but the lower body of a snake. There were other people as well, shopping in the markets, talking amongst themselves, but always making way for the yuanti. Turned out most of them were yuanti as well, just pure bloods with human features. We were paraded through the city, spoils for all the yuanti to see. They seemed to take great interest in me, as the leader gestured to me and spoke with a few low hisses, including one that sounded like the word satyr. After awhile we were taken through more gates to the center of town and then through a tunnel leading underground. Finally after four days as a captive my bonds were removed. I had been separated from the rest of the group and put into a solitary cell deeper in the dungeon, no window just a door with bars. As the guards left they took the torch with them, and I was enveloped in an inky blackness, unable to see my hand in front of me. I waited there in the dark for who knows how long exactly. All I heard was the distant hissing of snakes, thinking that when they came for me next they would kill me. So I prayed, I prayed to Dionysus to deliver me from this cage I was locked in. That I may enjoy the great freedom he provided once more. That’s when I heard it, the soft hissing voice of the one destined to save me." so you’re a satyr?"



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