A Belstonec Affair pt 3

A story from Skopelos' history

" Ssso you’re a sssatyr? " The soft voice asked in a hiss, so sudden, that my heart nearly leapt from my chest. I looked up but my eyes, even though I had been in the cell for what must have been hours were still unable to pierce the Stygian darkness. But at last a voice spoke to me, in a language I could understand so I jumped at the chance to have a conversation " the last I checked I still had the legs of a goat, so yes, I think I’m a satyr." I say there waiting for another response, and I began to fear that my chance at conversation was lost when the soft voice replied " I thought you would be smaller consssidering the sstoriesss I have been told of your kind. " i smiled at this and stood up " I can assure you I am a unique satyr, unlike any other" and I took a step towards the door hoping to gain an idea of exactly whom I might be speaking, when the voice quickly shot back " Ssstay where you are, move no closser ." At this I pulled my hoof back and leaned against the wall behind me. " it would seem you have me at a disadvantage, you can see me, but I haven’t a clue if I’m looking towards you or a wall". The next thing I heard was a soft chant and then the cell erupted into bright light. I saw the source of the light fall into the room, a common stone that shined as brightly as any torch with the power of magic. As my eyes began adjusting to the light, I heard the voice speaking in a haughty tone " I forgot that many of the lesser biengs are unable to see in the dark. Now then, you were telling me no satyr isss like yoursself. And I hope you don’t mean that no satyr is as pathetic as you, the guards are still laughing at how easy it was to capture you ." I was finally able to look up at the one who was currently ridiculing me. On the other side of the bars stood a tall woman, draped in dark green robes that covered the entirety of her body, a shawl wrapped around her head, exposing only her piercing serpentine eyes and the skin around them. These were not the dull apathetic eyes of the yuan-ti I had previously encountered, these eyes shone with bright life and vigor. What eyes they were! I doubt I had ever seen a more vivid crimson in my life, and I almost thought getting captured was worth it just to see these eyes. I was mesmerized and that must have unsettled her, for she drew back from the bars and in soft lulling voice issued me a command " Avert your eyes from me, satyr, and admit that you are in the presence of your better ". I could feel her words tugging at my mind to obey, but the freedom of the wild that runs through my veins resisted. Seeing that she had tried to charm me, I thought I might return the favor. “My name is Skopelos, not satyr. I have shared my name, you should share yours so we might have a proper conversation”, I put as strong a emphasis as I could into my request, relying on the cadence of my voice to charm her. But instead of charming her into divulging her name, her form seemed to go rigid under the layers of clothing " You DARE to try to charm me? Do you actually think your pathetic words could influence my actions ?", she hissed lowly, but then something peculiar happened. While I could tell that her form remained tense, her posture seemed to soften as she looked at me with those gorgeous eyes. A minute passed before another word was spoken " Of all things to attempt to charm me over, why did you ask for my name, why not ask me to open your cell or escort you out of the city ?". Her voice was softer then before, apparently puzzled. I shrugged as I gave her my reply " If I had asked either of those things, I doubt I would have made it out regardless, there’s just too many obstacles stacked against me, and I have no knowledge of this city at all. So if I am to die soon then I’d at least like to know the name of the last person I’ve had a conversation with, and maybe taste the sweet nectar of the gods one last time?". At this comment she looked even more puzzled " What nectar of the godsss? I know you lesser beings worship other deities, but I’m unfamiliar with what you’re ssspeaking of ". I grinned " Why wine of course! The greatest gift that Dionysus provides!" At this comment, she looked visibly shaken, and for a moment I thought I heard soft chuckle. Her stance had visibly relaxed and her next words brought a strange relief to my heart, " You are a strange little satyr, more concerned with you’re alcohol then your life. But don’t worry, you’re not going to be killed, not yet anyways. Satyrs are a rare catch. Ssso instead of bieng sold in the markets like the rest of the ssslaves resscently acquired, you will be auctioned off with other rare and valuable slaves, to the nobles ". Then she turned to the left and began walking away. I moved to the bars of the cell and watched her as she gracefully walked away, the light of the stone beginning to fade. As the darkness re enveloped the cell I saw her look back and in a soft voice say " my name iss sssindra ". Then I was left in the darkness once again.



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